Embracing a Healthy Family: Great Gift Idea: SmileyCookie

Great Gift Idea: SmileyCookie

It started as a half-baked idea more than 20 years ago — a smiley cookie as the vehicle to communicate the ethos of a restaurant — Eat’n Park, the Place for Smiles. Soon our cookie became not just the signifier of a delightful family dining experience, but a symbol of commitment to community and charitable giving, indeed, the mascot of the company. (Who knew a six-foot walking sugar cookie would have such draw. You have to be cracking a smile by now!)

Today, every child that dines at Eat’n Park receives the surprise of a buttery, rich, delicious smiley cookie, totaling more than 1 million free cookie treats each year. Every day, our cookies are distributed to community, charity and fundraising events. Every year, more than 200,000 smiling cookies are donated to local non-profit organizations. That’s a lot to smile about.

Crumb on and Try Our Cookie Delivery Company!

And now, our smile has gotten even bigger with our online cookie delivery company — fresh-baked, hand-iced Smiley Cookies delivered all over the country — fast and fresh. Smiles for miles each and every day!

That’s because our convenient online cookie company makes it easy for you to share a smile with anyone, anywhere, for any occasion. (Note how our cookies take the celebratory shape of hearts, shamrocks, bunnies, jack-o-lanterns and more for holidays and special occasions, and are available in virtually any color combination to sweeten the offer.)

You can even order customized cookies to match wedding colors, sport teams, corporate logos and more, and have your cookies delivered fresh nearly anywhere to as many addresses as you choose! And with our smart cookie pricing, you don’t need to spend a lot of dough! Did we say, “SWEET”?

Original Smiley

The prototype. The icon. The one-and-only Smiley Cookie — a classic American sentiment, revered by young and old, that says happiness, warmth, yes and more — baked fresh in our ovens, sent straight to your door! That rhymes.

Dozen Smiles Starlight Combo (Six Star Cookies & Six Original Cookies)
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Do stars make you smile? Do smiles make you starry-eyed? Then our Dozen Smiles star cookie basket is the way to say “way to go” to your super star or to send a star-struck message to whomever you have your eye on

Smiley Travel Mug - Cheer To Go!
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The trip always goes better when you take a smile along with you! Just ask the thousands of journeyers, gypsies and jet-setters who won’t leave home without their Smiley cookie travel mug!

Smiley Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
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Smiley Milk Chocolate

When Smiley met Sarris Candy, makers of the best chocolate in the world, the resulting Smiley milk chocolates proved unequivocally, that when worlds collide, the results can be stellar.

Smiley Dark Chocolate

Even candy-making has a dark side and our confectioners are the first to embrace the bittersweet as they take a whisk and introduce the mood-altering charm of our Smiley dark chocolates.

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