Embracing a Healthy Family: La-Tweez ( @LaTweez ) Professional Tweezers Review

La-Tweez ( @LaTweez ) Professional Tweezers Review

Have you found that perfect pair of tweezers that you cannot live without?  It might seem odd for some that aren't used to using tweezers but a good pair of tweezers makes the difference when plucking your eyebrows or any other facial hair.  I have tried the cheaper brands and ever was satisfied with them mostly because they didn't have a good grasp and would cause more pain than what they were worth.  I was a steady Revlon user for years and even recommended them to my father who agreed they were amazing.  I had a chance to purchase La-Tweez Professional Tweezers at a discount price and even bought a pair for my dad.  He's 73 so he's not going to care they have a blingy stone on them.

These are not any ordinary pair of tweezers as they come with a mirror, a light, crystallized swarvoski element on switch, automatic timed shut off all encased in a small, attractive carrying case.  These are professional quality tweezers which means they don't hurt as bad when plucking, or at least for me they don't.

They have a variety of other products that I have not tried but I wanted to share my experience with La-Tweez and definitely recommend them if you are looking for a great pair of tweezers.

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