Embracing a Healthy Family: P&G & Walmart Family Movie Night: Change of Plans

P&G & Walmart Family Movie Night: Change of Plans

I love family movie night and we take it a step further and call it family fun night as we have a movie but we also include making dinner or something else to add to a fun filled night.  I love that P&G and Walmart are promoting family movie night and are getting ready to introduce their fourth installment of their Family Movie Night with Change of Plans on January 8th (8/7c on Fox).

change of plans

It's a touching story of how lives can change with a simple phone call.  The lead character, Sally Danville played by Brooke White from American Idol, learns her best friend was tragically killed and now her and her husband find out they are the new caretakers for the four children left behind.  It follows the trials and tribulations of a childless married couple adjusting to a full house.  I enjoyed seeing Phylicia Rashad play the social worker helping to make the transition.

It's a good family movie in spite of the death of parents that some children might not like but the overall theme overshadows the mission of the movie.  I like that they incorporated prayers and the mentioning of God within the movie.  Kids love watching other kids and each character provides a great inclusion into the entire dynamics of the family.

Check out the trailer here:

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One with many names said...

Family night is a great thing :)

Happy New Year's Eve!

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