Embracing a Healthy Family: I'm an AvonDreamers Ambassador

I'm an AvonDreamers Ambassador

I think I've been an Avon customer ever since I was in my late teens.  I do not buy all my products inclusively from Avon but I've always had an interest in Avon starting with the mom of one of my best friends who sold the products.  Through the years, I kept up with Avon and once Avon was available online, it offered another venue to stay up to date on the products.  Through my blogging, I've also been introduced to new products which I very happily accepted because I've always counted on Avon to deliver products that I would love and if I didn't, they took them back.  I've also contemplated through the years on selling Avon but never made the jump over.  I figured here is a company that has been around for years and is trusted by so many households.

I say households because Avon isn't the same Avon you might have grown up with.  Avon has products for everyone and the variety to include sales, makes it more appealing to me.  To be able to shop online or have an Avon representative come to me is a win-win.  I was one of four ladies selected to become an AvonDreamers Ambassador and what that means is I get to introduce my readers to great products both the tried and true and new products.  I'll also get to have some giveaways so stay tuned for that!

Have you ever thought about selling Avon?  There is no time like the present to begin as with the economy the way it is, we never want to hold back on looking good and with the Avon line, the products are very reasonable and they really do sell themselves due to great branding and reputation.

Right now, you can become an Avon Representative for only $20!  

This includes all your brochures for the first two campaigns, samples and a tote bag.   There are also incentive programs and a great commission program on sales.

Each campaign period is two weeks which gives you a good amount of time to pick up those orders.  You can also choose to have an online store which can enhance your sales if you spend a lot of time online.  Send books to your friends, check in on neighbors and make friends with new ones.  If you e-mail a lot, add it to your signature line to let everyone know you are an Avon Representative to generate more exposure.  There are many ways to gain customers while representing a great company such as Avon.

Take that step and send me a message to learn how easy it is to start a new career with Avon!

Disclaimer:  As noted in the post, I am acting as an ambassador and am not affiliated nor paid by Avon.  My posts might provide an opportunity for an incentive prize.

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