Embracing a Healthy Family: My Ideal US Family Great Getaway

My Ideal US Family Great Getaway

Tis the season to start thinking about those family vacations or if you are like me, you want to start planning as soon as you returned from your last one.  Trying to find the perfect or ideal vacation can be hard especially if you are strapped financially like most.  I try to find getaways that are not going to take a lot of our cash yet give us some optimal fun.  When you think about all the possibilities, it's really not too hard to come up with creative ideas.  As part of my participation with SocialMoms teaming up with Alamo, here is my ideal getaway.

Although there are many great ideal getaways, I can think of a few that would really bring us some good solid family fun along with the ability to make great memories.  I have been to many foreign lands and have been around the United States so my experience helps me come up with something that I find as creative yet memorable.  I think an ideal vacation for my family would be taking a scenic route around the historical south.  We enjoy history so having the ability to tour old civil war sights, museums and other areas of interest would really peak all of our interests.  The great thing about visiting sights via a car, it allows impromptu trips to national parks and other natural areas of interest.  It's amazing the memories you can preserve with the diversity of natural formations, monuments in honor of our veterans and the many other points of interests along the way.

Many of the memories I have growing up didn't involve expensive vacations to places like Hawaii, although extremely nice, rather they were road trips camping or to visit national parks.  When you plan a getaway that involves camping out or even staying in hotels along the way, it expands the family time you have together and allows for easy games such as singing in the car, the license plate game and I Spy.  It's amazing how something so simple can end up being priceless.  I will admit that our last trip to Disney was quite memorable too but I think a change of pace is nice too.

Another feature of a getaway like this includes activities that you can do as a family from taking pictures to include in a scrapbook to natural pieces each family member finds such as fossils, leaves to make leaf impressions.   Our American history is rich and educational.  By including something of such prevalence into our children's lives is an excellent way to encourage interest in something vital to our future.  Not only does it teach about our past but it teaches how to spend time as a family with creative and innovative ways.


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