Embracing a Healthy Family: Our Ultimate Taylor Swift Party

Our Ultimate Taylor Swift Party

Every year, I have to have the perfect party for my girls.  My oldest one sort of fell out of the radar since she's 22 and it's hard to really come up with themes so I have my younger ones to have fun with.  All my girls love Taylor Swift so I'm taking the opportunity to have a really cool party for my seven year old.

I'm going to update this post as I go as the party isn't until April but I saw that I've had some hits for the party so I wanted to start sharing my preparation for the party with more to come as I proceed.

For the invitations, I chose these cool backstage passes from EventWrapper.com and they had matching Hershey bar wrappers.  Normally, I make my own invitations and wrappers but it was easier to go this route.  The customer service was amazing and I would recommend them for your party needs.  These invitations were the coolest and were very professional.  My daughter lit up when she saw them and loves them.

The balloons were from Ebay and I would put a link but often times, the links expire due to the seller not selling that product.  You can search both Ebay and Etsy with Taylor Swift for more products.  I also ordered water bottle labels.

For the party girl and her sister, I wanted to order necklaces to make it a little more special for them so I purchased two from Tiny Trees Boutique on Etsy, I bought these two:

Sale -Recycled Scrabble Tile Pendant - Taylor Swift SALE -RECYCLED SCRABBLE TILE PENDANT- Taylor Swift- Love Story

No party is complete without a photo shoot wearing Taylor inspired dresses which was the highlight for the girls.  We went to JCPenney's for some good deals on dresses in the clearance section.  Sears also has some good deals on dresses.

City Triangle Girls 7-16 Purple Slip Dress Clearance! City Triangle Girls Black Slip Dress
Speechless Girls 7-16 Pleated Dress

The backdrop consists of purchasing a 50' roll of black paper from Shindigz to use both as the wall backing and the tablecloths.  A roll costs around $20 which is a good deal considering you can have a dual purpose and have plenty left over.  

I just purchased this guitar from an Ebay seller and I sprayed Elmer's Glue Adhesive over silver glitter to give it the Taylor appearance in her beautiful video.  This will provide the perfect prop for their pretend photo shoot while giving her something really cool to hand on the wall after the party for years to come.

I need to apply a second coat but here is how the guitar looks so far:

For the backdrop, I found another Ebay seller who has inexpensive silk paper posters at a fraction of the cost and are more durable than regular paper.  For $18.50 and free shipping, I was able to get all three posters.  The two on the ends are 20 x 13 and the middle one which is the theme is 36 x 24.  These will be placed in the staging area for our photo shoot and afterwards, the guitar and posters will make nice decor for her bedroom.

I used Smarty Had a Party plastic ware for the cups and plates.  With them being clear, I was able to print pictures of Taylor on sticker paper and place on the already upscaled plastic cups and plates.  It added a nice touch.


We had our party yesterday and here are the pictures:



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One with many names said...

Sounds like quite the party!!! :)

Judy Joyce said...

I'm halfway with planning it too. I try to get things that I can reuse at another party. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I wish I was creative as you are. I am totally going to use some of your ideas though :) Thank you for sharing these

Jude Skocki Kelly
myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

Judy Joyce said...

Thank you! Planning a Hello Kitty party next so will be interesting!

brich2222 said...

Great party idea. Our 11 yo is nuts about Taylor Swift. She and her friends saw her in concert this summer.

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