Embracing a Healthy Family: Thought About Selling Avon?

Thought About Selling Avon?

CurvesĀ® for Women Air Cushion WalkerGrowing up, I had a good friend who's mother sold Avon and was very successful at it.  I always wanted to sell Avon but was so busy with college and kids and then a career and kids that I never made that jump.  As I seriously ponder the prospects of starting a new career, yes, a career as with the benefits Avon has to offer, it can truly be a career pending on what you want it to be.  I'm an Avon customer and love the quality, the money back guarantee and the prices associated with Avon products.  I've also grown to love the variety they offer from tried and true products like Skin So Soft to Curves for Women Air Cushion Walkers.  Avon is an all encompassing in helping us women not only take care of ourselves but our families with the array of products available.

The products available range from make up to fashion to home to men and much more.  Avon has established its reputation for many years and in many cases, sells itself.  The campaigns that Avon sponsors with celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon also makes it easier being an Avon representative with their star exposure and free advertisement for you, the Representative.

Shake Up Your Makeup 5-Piece Collection 
Food Savers Gruen Status Watch

As I move forward with becoming a Sales Representative, I wanted to share my journey and hopefully you will also want to hear more about a career with Avon.   Send me a message and let me know!

*Disclosure:  I am part of the AvonDreamers Ambassador and am not affiliated with Avon.

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