Embracing a Healthy Family: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Ficklets & AdorableBabyClothing

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Ficklets & AdorableBabyClothing

Valentine's Day isn't all about romance as kids love this holiday. What other day do they get to pass out valentines and candy?  It's a special day because it's a fun day for them.  I always tried to find something to get my girls each Valentine's Day just to show them how special they are to me.  Since I have a new grand baby and a three year old, I can still dress them up pretty in spite of my seven and 22 year old's not be willing participants in whatever it takes to make mama happy.  My three year old is a foo-foo girl and I couldn't be even happier.  When she puts on her Cinderella dress that I found at Adorable Baby Clothing and her feather boa, I'm beyond happy.  At last!  One of my children is NOT a tomboy!  I buy all my formal dresses at Adorable Baby Clothing because the selection is amazing and I can easily find two sizes in the same dress without having to spend hours disappointed at the mall.  The quality is immeasurable as every dress I have purchased is not made of poor quality material or stitching.  Every detail is beautiful and I plan on passing each dress on to my children.   The customer service is amazing too and the owner, Cynthia, is more than an owner and has turned into a dear friend.

If my children wore glasses, Ficklets would be the place to go.  I met the owner of Ficklets, Ros, online and have grown to love both women dearly as friends.  Ficklets were created out of love a mother has for her daughter.  When Ros' daughter didn't like her glasses, the idea to create something to inspire her daughter to like her glasses was born.  Ficklets are cute, inexpensive ways to let kid's personality shine through on ordinary glasses.  Whether it's hearts, butterflies, soccer balls or puppies, there are so many to choose from for boys and girls and any age.  There are even blingy ones for us moms who love a little bling for our own glasses and there are some cool Halloween skull Ficklets that appeal to some men based on comments I've seen on Twitter!

For this Valentine's Day, I wanted to share with my readers some ideas if you are like me and adorn your little one with gifts.

Black Stretch Velvet Top and Burgundy Embossed Taffeta Dress

My girls in the dresses 

Again, my girls with the ponies ;)

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Here are some cute Ficklets that are perfect for Valentine's Day:

Orange Sparkle Heart Lt. Pink Sparkle HeartSilver Filigree Heart

Hot Lips

These are non-Valentine's Day but are adorable and would make a great gift to your little one:

Football Large Pink Ballet Shoes Hot Pink Jewel Flower

Elegant Marquise-Lavender Elegant Marquise-Sapphire Silver Petals w/stone

Click here to see the great selection of all Ficklets available.

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