Embracing a Healthy Family: Zulily's One Year Anniversary & Special Savings Code 1/26 - 1/31

Zulily's One Year Anniversary & Special Savings Code 1/26 - 1/31

I shop at many of the sample sites to get a bargain on some great looking items.  I've been a shopper for over a year and have been generally happy with what I get.  I used to check prices to ensure I was getting a good deal and I always do since the sample sites tend to offer up the same great looking products for a fraction of the cost.  Zulily is one of my favorite sites to get a great deal on products that usually center around children, moms and the home.

Save up to 70% for moms, babies and kids

This Thursday marks the one year anniversary of Zulily which has been fun watching them grow since I joined in about a year ago taking advantage of some of the great deals.  If you haven't checked them out, you should and join the other 1.5 million others who have signed up.  

You can even save $10 with your first $50 order by using coupon code ZFSTBDAY10 (valid from 1/26-1/31).

Here are some of the great deals you will find starting on Thursday:

Birthday Extravaganza Boutique
Featuring Top Birthday Gifts for Every Age
Maya Organics Rattles
Among moms and child development experts, it’s well known that helping baby grow and build critical thinking skills start early.  Some of the simplest of toys that encourage touch and play (even chewing) help baby start to evaluate the world around him/her.  Rattles, noisemakers and simple toys that utilize contrasting colors help stimulate baby’s mind and encourage giggles.  Organic toys by Maya Organics are durable, beautiful and non-toxic.


Squeaky Sneakers
Mobility!  At this age, kids have their feet firmly on the ground and are running running running.  We suggest playthings that can keep pace with those little legs. Squeaky Sneakers are great options or other toys that encourage movement or dance.


Balance bike
There's no reason to wait until your kids are four or five to teach them how to ride a bike. There's also no reason to go with the false sense of security that training wheels create. Get your little one a balance bike instead. Developed for ages two to six years, these bikes have no pedals. Kids scoot them along and learn balance, agility and confidence as they go. Let's ride!
Bazoongi Play Tent
After you shop for Bazoongi products, your family's playroom will be bursting with fun. The folks behind Bazoongi want to knock your socks off with their quality, craftsmanship and in-house design. Their goal is to create goods that will last for kids to outgrow them and pass them on rather than demolishing them within a few play sessions. We love the whimsical imagery and lively colors they use.


Kidkraft Kitchen
The folks at KidKraft believe every kid is an individual with a limitless capacity to create and explore. Their goal is to inspire the power of imagination through unique and creative heirloom-quality toys and room furnishings. Designed by engineers, these pieces are well-made to the core. KidKraft's durable, high-quality toys and furniture stand up to hours of play.


Power Capes
Start a crime-fighting super-family with these amazing capes, tees, masks, and cuffs. Sized to fit ages two and up (some of us adults here at zulily tried on the "hero" size cape, mask and cuffs, and found them a blast to wear!), everyone can get in on the action. Choose your signature hero color and emblem, place your order, and soon it'll be "up, up, and away!" Now all you need is a hero name.


Zoobooks is the all-in-one, everything-you-wanted-to-know-but-didn't-know-who-to-ask guide to the world's most fascinating animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Zoobooks magazines are skillfully designed to enhance your child's learning potential through words, pictures, and interactive activities. Parents and teachers trust Zoobooks to educate kids... strengthening their vocabulary and reading habits. Kids just think the magazines are cool!


Dollie & Me outfits
Two is better than one! Dollie & Me knows the perfect outfit is twice as nice when it's shared. They create adorable clothes and accessories in girl sizes, and then make a tiny matching version for her favorite doll. Pretty party dresses, jumpers, cool tunics and leggings don't just make her feel doubly pretty, but they encourage friendship and help develop active imaginations.


Admit it, these shirts are cool and fun to wear for both kids AND adults. Mouth Man was Founded by Ross Valory, Original Member and Founder of the rock band Journey. Ross is Journey's noted bass player and along with Neal Schon, is the only original member of the band still performing with the group.  The original in “animated” apparel, Mouthman shirts convert from regular Ts into toothy velociraptor grins and shark smiles.


Just Jen Birthday T-shirts
You get one day a year that belongs to you - make the most of it with a Birthday t shirt that sparkles. Choose from our Birthday Girl, Sweet 16, Birthday Cake, or Birthday Age designs. Or create your own personalized birthday t shirts online with dazzling crystals.


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