Embracing a Healthy Family: Help a School & Vote for a Pepsi Refresh Project

Help a School & Vote for a Pepsi Refresh Project

I'm a big fan of the Pepsi Refresh projects especially since my daughter's non-profit for epilepsy won last year.  I think it's a great initiative for so many wonderful projects that wouldn't have a chance without the generous funding from Pepsi.  Schools are becoming the source of many budget woes and with so many projects getting cut, extra funding could make the difference in something that not only teaches but is enjoyable.  The LaSalle Public School wants to build an outdoor classroom to help and inspire and motivate children to learn about the natural environment.  They are ranked 8th and need to finish in the top two to win a grant for $25,000.

It's a great project and it's free to vote so please head over and vote daily and spread the word!  Thank you!

Click here to vote.

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