Embracing a Healthy Family: Pollen Have Mercy on Us

Pollen Have Mercy on Us

It's snowing yellow and green pollen so small that you can't see it until it accumulates on something or you go outside to see the supermoon and see it in the flash.   The Augusta area is number 10 on the list for worse places for allergies which is not good news for my severe asthmatic with severe allergies.  This is partly why she crashes and requires so many hospitalizations.  

I can't wait to move away from here on May 21st and hope our new location in Texas is much kinder to both of my children's conditions.  I love how they are such troopers and nothing really phases them.  My youngest who will be four at the end of June has such a great sense of humor in spite being in the NICU for a week when she was born prematurely, a near death experience down in Savannah for two weeks over two year's ago and her intermittent health woes since then.  Today, as we were watching Sponge Bob, the theme song came on and she was singing with it but changed the words to "Sponge Bob Poopy Pants."  This caused quite the laugh to come out of her and she looked at me and said, "get it Mom?  Sponge Bob Poopy Pants?" She started cracking up laughing again.  I know she's not alone in the kid department for stating that but she just has such an incredible sense of humor that I think has been key with her defying the odds and overcoming what baffles the doctors time and time again.

I just hope she continues down the road of laughter and always shines with her silliness.

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Being Tazim said...

Ugh, yes - I love spring and look forward to many things, but pollen and allergies = no way!

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