Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation Monday

Mamavation Monday

Yes, I know it's not Monday but I've been waiting for a point in my life where it would slow down and although it's not really going to slow down, I wanted to re-join Mamavation.  When I joined, I knew it was a great group of women on a journey to become and stay healthy.  The group is led by a very personal, passionate mom herself, BookieBoo.  I had to leave for a time due to two children with chronic conditions but now I am ready to come back and be motivated and motivate others.  I just recently restarted my weight loss journey and have lost six pounds.

So even though I'm late both for the posting and the request to re-join the sistahood, I wanted to go ahead and participate.  My journey actually began on January 1st as I tried to encourage my family to get healthier.  To date, I have a mother, a sister, a brother-in-law and a daughter who have lost weight.  At the same time, I'm working on little changes at home to get my younger kids healthier.  I was one of those moms who did allow their children to have Coke but no more.  I substituted all the sodas for Juicy Juice and water.  I started eliminating some of the bad snacks and replaced them with Pirates Booty, Pop Chips and Smart Pops.  I'm also trying to buy more fresh organic and frozen foods over processed and canned ones.  I have a long way to go but I'm making the steps that I hope will stay with them to ensure a lifetime of wonderful health.

My plan is completely just baby steps as I know anything drastic will not be tolerated by my picky children.  I'm proud of my eldest who has been purchasing organic fruit and making her own baby food.  This was all due to me and what I've done to educate myself and her.

So this is my first post back before officially being back and I will post again next week and hope to become a Sista once again!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win an Orville Redenbacher’s Very Important Blogger Gift Basket

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