Embracing a Healthy Family: New Bills Could Impact Military Life: Contact Your Representatives

New Bills Could Impact Military Life: Contact Your Representatives

Military life is hard enough let alone having to worry about which cuts are coming next.  I really feel for the privates and don't know how they live as pay is so low and their living conditions aren't that stellar.  I know our country is hurting and there are cuts to be made but I can't believe there are not enough pork projects or other senseless projects that can't be cut before reducing the standard of living of so many who are defending our freedom.  I don't think unless you are in the military, you can truly understand what life is like.  My husband has been deployed (again) for a week shy of a year.  Luckily, I've lived as a single mom before so it wasn't very shocking to me but when they are deployed, the care taker becomes single.  I can't imagine what it would be like to worry about money on top of it all.

Military.com released this new story and I think it's important to band together and make our voices heard.

Several recently proposed bills could impact important aspects of military life, like military pay, retirement benefits, spouse employment and GI Bill benefits. For example, House bill HR 1297 would ensure military pay is safe in case of future government shutdowns. While Senate bill S.745 would ensure veteran students would not lose GI Bill benefits during scheduled school breaks and HR 1451 would protect current student veterans from the financial impact of GI Bill 2.0. In addition, some FY2012 budget proposals include cuts which could result in TRICARE Prime premium and fee increases, limits on access to the VA health care system for certain vets, and a possible military pay freeze.

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