Embracing a Healthy Family: PowerCapes Customized Capes & More Review

PowerCapes Customized Capes & More Review

I'm really jealous of the choice of items for children.  Growing up, life was more simple and we had to use our imagination a bit more.  One of the things I remember my brother playing is super heroes.  My own girls will find a towel and ask me to tie them on for them so when I was offered a complimentary PowerCapes for one of my girls, I took it as a great opportunity to also share with my readers.  Since I have two girls, I couldn't have just one so I bought one and I also purchased the matching masks which are adorable.  I let the girls pick out the color of the cape and they customized it themselves.

 Custom Personalized SuperHero Outfit 

The process if very easy and efficient from choosing the appropriate age to ensure the cape isn't too long to the color, patches, lettering and matching optional items such as the mask.  Since they are customized, you won't receive it in a day or two.  It does take two to three weeks from ordering date due to them being hand made so do have to be aware of that if you are under a timeline.  Once the capes and masks arrived, the girls were not able to contain their excitement.  They played with them for two days straight but since we are in the process of moving, I had to put them up much to their sadness.  I didn't even get to take a picture of them but they really do love them.  I gave them to them while we went on a one day excursion and they were running back and forth in the hotel playing super heroes.

The 100% satin capes arrived in perfect shape with no fraying.  I love that these capes also inspire children to use their imagination during playtime.  They also are active as they run around saving the world which is more than playing a video game.

If you are a Tori Spelling fan, you would have seen PowerCapes during one of her shows for her children's birthday.  Some of the other cool things about PowerCapes:

  • Made by Moms
  • Made in the US
  • Ship Worldwide
  • 11 Cape Colors
  • 29 Emblem Colors
  • 8 Emblem Designs
  • Adult Capes
  • Custom Tutus
  • Ready to Ship Capes
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fundraiser Opportunities
  • Affiliate Opportunities

You can sign up for a chance to win a PowerCapes product here.  I would recommend PowerCapes the next time you need a really cool present or want a great looking customized costume.

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