Embracing a Healthy Family: Thank a Special Teacher: Nominate for America's Favorite Teacher 5/3

Thank a Special Teacher: Nominate for America's Favorite Teacher 5/3

I've went through school as a child and as an adult in college and I do realize how a good teacher can impact one's life.  You hear all the time how someone succeeds to the level they want and they usually recognize a special teacher who impacted them early in life.  I had a particular teacher that inspired my journalistic ways but she's really the only one who impacted me.  My oldest went through school without anyone standing out and I just never thought about it until this school year.  My middle child, who is seven, was diagnosed with epilepsy almost three year's ago and has other complications.  She struggled with kindergarten and in fact, they recommended she repeat it which we agreed.  Her next teacher was demanding and pushed her hard so she started to "wake" up and learn more.  Then she moved to first grade and that's where it clicked.

Her teacher, a remarkable southern woman with a strong sweet accent, awakened my daughter.  Maybe it was timing, maybe something changed with her condition or a combination of everything.  All I know, my daughter has a zest for learning, an interest in excelling and a love for her teacher, the paraprofessional and school.  Her two teachers are remarkable women.  DealPop is sponsoring a contest at RunandHug to give a special thanks to the many great teachers that touch the lives of so many.  On National Teacher's Day, May 3rd, one teacher will be crowned "America's Favorite Teacher."

Here’s how it works: 

Simply go to www.runandhug.com and nominate a teacher who made a lasting impression on your life or your child's.  If your favorite teacher is selected, both the submitter and their teacher will win two all expenses paid trips to New York City where they will be reunited in person during Teacher Appreciation Month in May.  You will also be able to award their favorite teacher $1,000 in cash.  In addition, for every teacher nominated, WhitePages will donate $5 to Digital Wish <http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/home> , a non-profit with a unique mission to modernize classrooms and prepare students for tomorrow's workforce by ensuring every child has equal access to technology.

The contest ends 4/22


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