Embracing a Healthy Family: Personal MicroDerm At-Home Microdermabrasion System Review

Personal MicroDerm At-Home Microdermabrasion System Review

After trying product after product, I've been still looking for that one product that works with great results.  I'm one of those ones that want immediate results even though I know that the signs of aging and damage from the sun didn't.  I have learned to be a bit more patient while trying products.  I have tried some over the counter products that have a micro-abrasive quality to them and kept using them in an attempt to help offset those vicious signs that I don't like.  About three to four week's ago, I receive a complimentary Personal MicroDerm At-Home Microdermabrasion System.  This product has been on The Doctors in case you might recognize the name.

Unfortunately, I've never had a profession microdermabrasion service done so I can't provide my thoughts on a comparison.  However, I did watch the accompanied DVD that told me exactly how to set up and use the system.  The DVD was very clear how important it was to follow the direction to avoid damage to your skin.  I liked how easy it was to follow and felt that it was just the right information.  The system was beyond easy to use and I followed the directions exactly as stated.  The system uses the same aluminum crystals found in the professional systems in the doctor's office.  It's perfect size to fit in a small, medium or large hand and is powered by electricity so no need to stock up on the batteries.  It's perfect for travel and those on the go.

After cleaning your face, you select from one of the two exfoliating discs and start the process.  It's very easy as you use your one hand to help hold the skin firm while using the hand to utilize the hand held device.  The directions state to start slowly to ensure it's not too potent for your skin.  I did have problems using it on my jaw line as I wanted to see how well it would work on old acne scars.  Since I don't have a lot of fat or skin to hold firmly, it cannot lie flat against the curve of the jaw bone.  I have been using it on my cheeks, upper cheek area, lower face, forehead, chest (sun damage) and the back of my hand for comparison purposes.  I also used the accompanying M2 serum and moisturizing products which I LOVE!  Immediately, I noticed how soft my skin was in the areas I used the PMD.  It felt great and after continued use, I really did see a difference.

I'm hooked and will post an after picture after four more weeks when I'm hoping to really show off the results.  Priced at $179, it does seem to be a lot but if you pay for professional services, you know that this is nothing compared to that.  I will note that there are recommended products to use along with the PMD such as Boske Dermaceuticals Molecular Repair which I did not sample with this review but as I noted, I love the M2.

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