Embracing a Healthy Family: Post Kuwait & Good Riddance to bin Laden

Post Kuwait & Good Riddance to bin Laden

I just realized that I didn't take a single picture but my husband returned from Kuwait today after being deployed a year.  He was exhausted yet stayed up through the day and night to spend time with us.  He caught all his flights but his bag didn't so he was disappointed since there were gifts in there.  It was interesting to watch my three year appear a little unsure about the situation when seeing him again at the airport.  He's been gone almost half her life between Iraq and Kuwait so it's been tough I'm sure but her love for him has never wavered.  This holds true for my eight year.  They adore their father so this was a very good day for them.  Life in the military is tough for kids between the deployments and moves.  We are getting ready to move our third time in four years.

I just woke him up since I figured his work in the wars were finally paid off when the major objective of getting rid of bin Laden finally happened.  He perked up in his half sleep and was happy to hear.  Being that he's in intelligence, he might have known already.  I would like to celebrate knowing such an evil man is gone but I also fear the retribution we might suffer as they will have yet another excuse to target us.  Nonetheless, my gratitude to our military is just as profound as it's always been and I'm proud to be a military wife and especially proud to be an American.

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