Embracing a Healthy Family: Third PCS Move Was NOT the Charm

Third PCS Move Was NOT the Charm

We're maybe half way through with sorting through boxes and putting most away in a storage facility just because we downgraded sizes of houses and have no room for everything.  This was my third PCS move and I was relieved when I saw a team of women show up in one way because I thought they would know how to pack but I was also worried in how the heavy things would go.  This team of women consisted of two who took four precise 30 minute breaks throughout the day and were very slow at packing.  I was concerned that there would be no way they would make so later in the afternoon, they called in one more.  The next day, there were five women all packing and not packing.  This was the first time that we actually had to take things down from higher places, take down curtains and actually help them pack.

I may sound like a prima donna there but the military pays movers to do that for you.  That part of the job is one that you aren't suppose to worry about.  I had to continuously ask them to pack items they were going to leave behind.  We were disappointed to find out that we were not allowed to take along any cleaning product, oils, batteries, light bulbs, open food or open health and beauty products.  WHAT??  This was a huge financial burden on us as I had quite a bit of those products saved up and since we were heading to Texas, we had no extra room to cart all of this.  We'll just say the entire experience was rather disappointing and became more disappointing as once we arrived, the packing made no sense.  Items were grouped together illogically, dangerously and without protection.  I cannot even remember how many things have been ruined due to the shoddy packing.

Second stage was the moving in of our furniture as I could have cried.  Our custom chaise lounge and custom beautiful wing chair were soiled with tire/truck grease dirt and the legs to the chair were broken.  A huge chunk was out of our marble patio set and countless other pieces of furniture were damaged and broken.  In fact, we are missing some things.  I guess I was spoiled as we didn't encounter this in Hawaii or Georgia.  It was actually the Georgia crew that proved to give me so anguish.   When we arrived in Texas, the house had no air working so you can bet it was hot, the house was filthy and the pool was disgusting.  Needless to say, it was one of the most trying moments I've experienced in over a couple of years.

It does get better though because my girls are just amazing. From having my almost four year old sing "You are My Sunshine" to my eight year doting over me to my eldest, 22, and her baby, I'm in heaven with all my girls.  They say the funniest things and I always mean to blog about them but I forget.  They are a laugh a minute and I'm truly thankful that God has given me these girls to make me forget when things don't always go how I want.

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Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Hope you took pictures and filled a claim. We have had just about every piece of furniture scratched, broken, stained, ect.. along with glass stuff broken in the bottom of boxes. I hate PCS'ing and we just did it again ourselves...from CA to PA. We have finally recovered. :)

Judy Joyce said...

We have to file the claim next. Since I'm still relatively new at this PCS thing, I thought based on our experienced from Hawaii and Georgia, it was always smooth LOL! Sorry to hear you endured the same as us and hope they paid your claim. Your move sounds as bad as ours and glad you recovered! Thanks for reminding me about the claim!!! :)

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