Embracing a Healthy Family: Boumy Genuine Leather Shoe Review & Special Discount

Boumy Genuine Leather Shoe Review & Special Discount

Did you know that orthopedic research suggests that fallen arches or flat feet is more of a western phenomena?  Scientists believe there is a relationship between flat feet and the wearing of traditional footwear found in the west.  I wasn't able to find any specific studies showing that but that is what Boumy has on their site.  I had never heard of Boumy so I wanted to try them out and provide my grand-daughter with a pair of shoes that were not only comfortable but safe.   

The concept behind Boumy Shoes is children when walking barefoot, learn to develop their toe gripping and arch muscle qualities.  By walking barefoot, they also learn the nerves of the foot since they can feel their own soles.  It makes sense to me since traditional walking shoes are constrictive and hard which would not allow much natural foot movement.  Boumy Shoes' features include:

  • Protection for the feet
  • Flexible, free movement
  • Flat soled (no heel)
  • Rough leather finish to help avoid slips and falls
  • Hand made with soft leather for comfort
  • Elastic ankle to avoid the shoe from slipping off

Boumy Shoes are available in boys and girls from ages 0 to 2 years and the ease of shopping is broken down by gender and collection:  Boumy Applique, Boumy Basic and Boumy Booties.


Another nice feature of Boumy is you can purchase up to four pairs of shoes at a flat rate of $6 to the US and $7 to Canada.  They also offer a 100% 21 day no questions asked return policy.

We received the Star Pink Boumy Basic shoes for girls.  They were soft due to the 100% leather and had the nice rough grip on the bottom to avoid slips.  The elastic ankle did deter the shoe from slipping off as nothing is worse then watching your child fall because the shoe fell off or you lost one.  Since my grand-daughter already loves walking barefoot, she took to the Boumy's naturally. 


Overall, she liked the shoes and so did her mother.  Priced at $32.  You can purchase online at Boumy and check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news.

About Boumy Brand:

Boumy was started by a creative mom of two in the Netherlands.  Anouk Henderson, in 1998, unable to find stylish yet comfortable slip on shoes for her two baby boys, set out to change that with the creation of Boumy shoes named after the nickname of her youngest.  After high success across Europe, the Boumy brand is available to those in the US.

Special Discount:

Don't forget to use coupon code MAB072011 for a 20% off total purchase!  Expires 7/31 and only one per customer!

*Disclosure:  This review was provided through MamaBuzz. The product was provided by Boumy Shoes for this review.

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