Embracing a Healthy Family: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare's Alpha Beta Glow Pads Review

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare's Alpha Beta Glow Pads Review

I know it's summer and many people still like to get that summer glow in spite of the health warnings.  Throughout the year, I like to have a little bit of color to my very white English complexion so I use a self tanner all the time.  It's really hard finding a tanning product that looks natural and goes on smooth without leaving marks or areas you forgot to apply.  I received a complimentary box of Alpha Beta Glow Pads from Dr Dennis Gross Skincare for review.

I have to say that this is a great product.  It not only provides color to your complexion but it's also the only anti-aging, exfoliating sunless tanner that contains active Vitamin D.  Also known as the "sun vitamin," Vitamin D helps to provide smoother, healthier skin.  It provides a deep color through microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins which helps to prevent fading.  Many self-tanners fade quickly especially after exfoliation but not with the Alpha Beta Glow Pads.  It also helps to tighten pores, eliminate blackheads and helps to fade sunspots!  It's like they made the product just for me!  I also love that you can apply, know where you are applying it and have no streaks.  It does take some time to show so I found that I get my best effect from using it the night before.

Another benefit, it did not cause break outs which is a big a plus to me as most will cause my face to react which really does detract from the look and benefit.  My skin feels great, looks wonderful and I have seen a reduction in blackheads and pore size.  

Overall, I would recommend the Alpha Beta Blow Pads.

For those that like to know more about the ingredients in their products:

Vitamin D Topical Supplement gives sun kissed glow without sun; makes other vitamins work better Glycolic Acid Reduces visible signs of aging Lactic Acid A naturally-occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid that helps speed up cell renewal Willow Bark Extract Clears pores & also exfoliates; natural alternative to Salicylic Acid Soy Protein Kick-starts collagen production and ensures a more natural hue for rich, long-lasting color Encapsulated DHA Provides time-released color Vitamins A, C, E Potent antioxidants that prevent collagen breakdown Vitamin B Helps reduce pore size and provides wound healing Phospholipids Natural substance that draws moisture from the air & seals it into the skin

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product in exchange for this review.  The opinions are my own.

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