Embracing a Healthy Family: Nutra Planet Fitness Swag Giveaway 7/30

Nutra Planet Fitness Swag Giveaway 7/30

Have you heard of Bookieboo?  She's the fierce leader of a group of moms on a journey to get in shape over at Mamavation.  She had led this group for nearly two years on a path of losing weight, motivating one another and getting healthier.  She's now partnering with Nutra Planet in this great Nutra Planet Fitness Swag Giveaway and you can win too!

One of the products they sell is OxyELITE Pro which I have tried and like it.  I feel it helped me lose the 16 pounds I lost between May and June.

Just click here to enter!

I’m posting this to enter a contest offered by OxyElite Pro at Nutraplanet  at Mamavation! I want to win the Nike Watch! Enter to win here!

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Unknown said...

OxyELITE Pro is specifically formulated to increase your metabolism, improve mental focus, deliver long lasting clean energy, instill a heightened sense of mental alertness, and most importantly, completely obliterate your appetite.

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