Embracing a Healthy Family: Carmex Lime Twist and Vanilla Click Sticks Kit Review & Giveaway 9/1

Carmex Lime Twist and Vanilla Click Sticks Kit Review & Giveaway 9/1

My CarmexThere are some products that can be used seasonal and others that are needed year round.  Some are used by one and others by the entire family such as Carmex.  Carmex is a name that most recognize from the little pots of heaven especially when you had chapped lips in the winter or needed to just protect them if you were smarter than the weather.  Carmex has evolved and has these new click sticks that make it even more convenient to use and the new flavors of Lime Twist and Vanilla should appeal to most anyone's tastes (yes, you aren't suppose to eat it but you do lick your lips from time to time)!  What is also nice about the Click Sticks by Carmex are they small and are gender non-specific so men can carry them without looking like a sissy.

I received a complimentary pack as a Carmex Blog Squad Member to review and provide my input.  I'm not a lime fan so my preference is for the Vanilla Click Stick.  The lime wasn't overwhelming but I just don't like the smell of lime.  The vanilla was perfect!  Not too waxy or oily, it went on without leaving a heavy film and didn't have an intoxicating odor.  It's my new lip balm to protect my lips from the HOT El Paso sun, the winds from the mountains that kick in and when the cold air moves in.  It's a multi-season lip product for the entire family.

We had fun in our own backyard with the really nice roll up picnic blanket that was included with the Carmex Click Sticks.  The blanket, as you can see below, rolls up into a nice carrying pack with handle and velcro that keeps it together.  It was a perfect day for a picnic with our blanket, lunch and lip protection.



Carmex lip balms & picnic blanket
Photo Courtesy of SusieBHomemaker.com

The Giveaway:

One reader will receive:
  • One Carmex Lime Twist Click Stick
  • One Carmex Vanilla Click Stick
  • One On-the-Go Picnic Blanket
  • One Carmex Moisture Plus Clear Satin Finish Gloss

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