Embracing a Healthy Family: A Critical Loss of Balance by Mark E. Shaver Book Review

A Critical Loss of Balance by Mark E. Shaver Book Review

If you are into suspenseful thrillers, this one is for you.  Mark E. Shaver's third book titled A Critical Loss of Balance is about one parent's worse fear of having your child kidnapped.  Cliff Elliott is one parent gripped in a city of fear due to a rash of kidnappings that go unseen despite all the normal tools available to law enforcement.  In an elaborate scheme to kidnap, seek ransoms and run, the criminals didn't bargain on what one parent could do.

The book was very well written and kept me guessing all along the way.  As a parent, it was easy to put myself in the position Cliff was in and understand the array of his emotions.  It may sound like a typical kidnap, ransom, return of victim and parent gets even story but it's not.  Cliff's story is different from the other kidnappings and never hears a word from the kidnappers.  There are twists with the criminal, Aaron and his long family history of this type of crime all the way down to the turn of events that you will not even suspect.  It's a well thought-out gripping suspenseful novel that was hard to put down.

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About the Author:

His story starts out interesting back in 1966 when his father was transferred to the city of Cork in Ireland. Upon his time there, his parents took him to Blarney Castle where legend has it that he who kisses the Blarney stone will receive 'the gift of eloquent speech.'  Needless to say, he was taken there by his parents and reluctantly kissed the stone and the rest is history.  His collection include The Second Verdict, After the Fact: When Passion and Fate Collide and of course, A Critical Loss of Balance.  His next book is due out in 2012.

Like us, Mr. Shaver resides in Texas.

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To purchase A Critical Loss of Balance or to download, go to Mark E. Shaver's site.

* Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of this review.

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