Embracing a Healthy Family: Fijit Friend's by Mattel Review

Fijit Friend's by Mattel Review

What do you get when you cross children with a cute, playful and animated new friend?  Fijits!  Never heard of them?  Neither had I until I was able to host a cute party with them.  Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and missed out on the video taping of our party and had to redo the recording which you can see below.  I had never heard so many squealing children before and I've hosted a few product parties in the past.  Our theme was a dance party!  The order of business was loud, flashy clothes with an order to boogy!

Meet our friends:

Willa, Sage, Serafina and Logan

willa-large h-sage

Aren't they cute?  These cute and soft scientific experiment gone wrong loves to dance, play and laugh.  What's more, they include sonic chirps which means you can go online here and your Fijit, when in chirp mode, will be able to hear and respond to the hidden codes in the sonic chirps. Isn't that cool?

How they Work:

Upon turning on your new friend, the response will be, "What do you want to do now?"  You respond to a series of commands such as "dance with me."  Your Fijit will talk and tell jokes too.  When you want to go to sleep, all you do is say "good night." 

One thing they do note in the instructions is you have to talk clearly to her and slowly.  If you shout or speak fast, it won't respond.  This was hard for my littlest one to understand as she doesn't speak very clearly so she had issues with getting the Fijit to respond.  My eight year old did fine once I reinforced she had to talk slowly.  You also can't have a lot of background noise at it will interfere with what she's hearing.

Sorry it's sideways

My Review:

The kids at the party had a hard time at first because they were so excited that the noise level confused our Fijit.  It took awhile to actually get a dance a down and by the time we were waiting to record a video, most of our guests had to depart.  It was a bit frustrating but one lucky girl went home with her own Fijit and she was beyond happy!  I felt bad because the other kids were sad that they didn't win.  Overall, it was a great party and the thing that is nice, they encourage the kids to get up and dance which means exercise!

Since the party, my two girls have been playing with the Fijit which is where the video was recorded.  I think it takes some patience to get used to how it functions and it's definitely not for little kids.  Overall, I think it's a fun toy and it will probably become one's little buddy for quite some time given the interaction it provides, possibility of updates from Mattel and how cool it is.

The face is cute with how it lights up, the random phrases it will say and the glowing tummy.  My eight year old was tickled when it told her she was cute.  

I'm looking forward to what else Mattel will bring forward in the future.  I think your child will have hours of fun with the Fijit Friends.  

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received product samples, a party kit, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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