Embracing a Healthy Family: FoozKids: Happy Kids are Fooz Kids Review & Free Download $11.99 Value

FoozKids: Happy Kids are Fooz Kids Review & Free Download $11.99 Value

Fooz Kids Happy Kids are Fooz Kids

Thank you to Fooz Kids for providing me with an All-In-One pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.

Having a place that is safe and secure online is very important to me for all obvious reasons.  My girls don't get to play online without supervision but at times, I may walk away to make lunch or dinner.  During those times where I may not be with them 100%, I don't want to worry about what they might accidentally click on as I know what they want to read and play online. This is where my opportunity to review Fooz Kids comes into play.


Fooz Kids is a subscription based package available at different levels for different costs:

  • Education Pack for $3.99 a month or $23.99 a year
  • Entertainment Pack Shorts for $1.99 a month or $11.99 a year
  • Entertainment Pack Movies for $3.99 a month or $19.99 a year
  • All-in-One Pack for $6.99 a month or $34.99 a year
Each pack has their specifics so you will want to check out each one and find the best one for your children.  For this review, I received a complimentary All-in-One pack.

Virtual Fun:

When my girls first tried it out, we wen to the Fooz Kids Creator and they were able to create a virtual look-alike as they have thousands of features to choose from to make themselves online which they love doing.  Another fun place they visited was the Fooz Kids Places where they were able to custom create their own virtual room.

Online Education:

They were also able to check out creating e-mail and video mail.  With the rapid pace of the e-world, it doesn't hurt to have children prepared as more and more schools are using computers at young ages.  It's also a great feature so children can communicate with love ones from afar by learning now how to use e-mail.

Another feature is introducing children to their first social network.  This of course is up to individual preference whether or not to use this feature but it's there if you want it.


The girls were able to interact with each feature of the web, videos, games and crafts of their favorite characters.  Each link is a safe link so you don't have to worry about them hitting that wrong key and having something that would make you blush pop up.  The sites are all pre-approved and are kid friendly which I also loved.


Fooz University has over 20,000 practice skills aligned with school curriculum so this is great for extra practice or to help teach a little one who hasn't had the exposure yet. Parents can even track progress and as a bonus to the kids, they accumulate points as they learn to trade in for fun things.

Fooz Kids Flix contains thousands of full length movies and thousands of titles ranging from educational to family fun titles. 

Fooz Kids Books has thousands of professional illustrations and photos along with easy drag and drop story creations for extra fun!  My girls loved this!  You even have the option to print your child's story at  a low cost to preserve their creation.

Fooz Kids Mall is perfect for the little one who loves to shop!  In this virtual world, they can pick out what they want to buy with the money they have.  It's a win-win as it costs you nothing and they have fun virtually!  My kids love to shop online and this fills the crave they have.

My girls really liked all the features of Fooz Kids because there were so many different things to choose from.  It was easy to navigate and my four and eight year olds had no problems.  I have a greater piece of mind knowing that they are in safe zone and when my sister signs her daughter up for it, they can have more fun playing along side their cousin.  It's a great portal to fun and education at a low cost.  I recommend it for parents with children that like the internet.

If you would like to try it out for FREE, just click on the referral link!  It's an $11.99 value for free!

 Please click here to learn more about Fooz Kids. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #cleverfooz

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