Embracing a Healthy Family: Tips For Squirmy Baby Diaper Changes

Tips For Squirmy Baby Diaper Changes

Do You Want to Make Her Mad When Changing a Diaper?

We've all had them most likely if you are reading my blog and know what a challenge on so many fronts babies are when they start becoming more mobile.  They are faster than my oldest grabbing a piece of chocolate.  When they start to crawl, it becomes more than a challenge since they don't understand what no means and they certainly have places to go and dirt to find.  When they walk, oh boy, watch out!  There is nothing worse than trying to stop a baby on a mission.  I have diapered three so far and can honestly say that Huggies is my diaper of choice so participating in this blog post was ideal.  My oldest has a baby that is about to turn one so she understands the frustrations involved with a newly found independent baby.  When I think back of the ways I found that helped to alleviate some of the squirms, I shared them with her.

  • The best and easiest way to distract long enough to change those diapers is to have a toy on hand.  That always works to complete the task but you still have to be quick since their attention spans are just as quick!
  • Make sure you have everything you need to change the diaper ahead of time.  Nothing is worse than changing a diaper and you forgot the wipes or the cream.  I always made sure I kept them in a small container to have at my disposal.  Quick is the name of the game.
  • In situations where nothing else worked, I would use my legs to help hold in place.  Of course, I didn't cause pain but just enough to hold them still.  Sometimes they are just more determined then we are and can escape better than Houdini!
  • Singing a song is another way to help sooth and distract.  This not only works when changing a diaper but is also instrumental when in a car and they are upset.  I found that singing even the Alphabet song works.  When they are on a mission, we do whatever it takes.
  • If you have other siblings, their help can be vital in offsetting their mission.  Kids love kids and when they see another kid's face, that is all it takes to distract them.  My youngest adored my middle one when she was a baby, not so much now, but it always worked to get a smile and some calmness.
  • If the baby is old enough to hold a bottle, that is always a good trick too along with a pacifier.  It's soothing and takes their mind off of you taking away their fun!

Changing a diaper can be a pain and lead to all sorts of frustration.  With the right planning and quick action, the process can be smoother with just providing a distraction.  They are smart little things but as moms, we have one up on them!  Diaper changing is never fun but it makes you feel better knowing you are providing the best comfort to your little one.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share?  If you want to participate, just click the link at the bottom of this post.

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