Embracing a Healthy Family: 60 Minute Shakespeare by Cass Foster Review

60 Minute Shakespeare by Cass Foster Review

Love Shakespeare but don't have the time?  Ever wanted to read it but couldn't find yourself spending hours indulging in the many pages that make up a Shakespeare masterpiece?  Search no more as you can now join what others have found in 50 US states, all of Canada's provinces and 45 countries.  The easiest way to read one of six of Shakespeare's novels is 60 Minute Shakespeare.  Professor Cass Foster provides these wonderful condensed versions without changing the language or making them into something new and modern which is the biggest plus next to easier to read.

Can't get into that old English language?  Professor Cass has that covered too with helpful footnotes on nearly all pages to help aid the reader with certain words and phrases.  Each booklet is approximately 70 pages long making it a great weekend goal to complete.  They are also inexpensive at only $8.99 a copy.  

This is an excellent series to help you get through Shakespeare while not losing out on the educational value.  I would recommend this for anyone of reading age that has an interest in literature especially the great classics.

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*Disclosure:  This is a MamaBuzz Media review. The product was provided by Five Star Publications for this review.

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