Embracing a Healthy Family: ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy Review

ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy Review

ABCmouse.com is a cute early learning program that opens with a cute ABC jingle.  Once you log on, you can register your children, create avatars that look like them and they are ready to go learn and have fun.  I have two children that are having a lot of fun on ABCmouse.com and one is hurting my ears with squeals of excitement as she explores and finds new places.  Right now as I write this, she's setting up her room and in much delight, is telling me all she can buy with the tickets she has earned with the various learning activities.  There are different levels of play and learning with ABCmouse from free access to more access with a low cost membership.  We are reviewing a complimentary paid subscription so they have full access.

The activities are aimed for children in pre-school through kindergarten but I think an older child in the early elementary grades would still have fun as my eight year old is with the books and puzzles.  There are over 2,000 activities and 350 lesson plans along with extra activities and printables that are wonderful for children.  This is a great learning opportunity for my four year old since it's very user friendly for her and it allows my time to focus on my eight year old to whom I homeschool.

There is a neat area for the children to showcase their work or files as they are called and more under the link section.  You can even e-mail your children and they can e-mail you back in a safe, secure environment that includes recorded videos, sounds and attachments.

Here is a video clip:

There is a parents section that you has many uses:
  • Links - "how to" videos, lesson builder, activity blocker, curriculum overview and more
  • What's new section
  • Parent's settings
  • Site preferences/settings
  • iTune applications for those on the go
  • Ability to add up to three children
  • Ability to track their progress

The really exciting part my children love are after they complete an activity are the tickets.  They can exchange the tickets to purchase items for their avatar, they room and much more.  That is a big deal as kids love to shop and the more they learn, the more they earn so what great incentives!  My four year old also loves the puzzles and the books.  The audio is superb and is fast enough to not overwhelm them while keeping their attention.  As the story is read, it has a learning objective as do all the lessons, and each word is highlighted so they can read along. 

Overall, it's a great program for those in pre-school to kindergarten.  I'm very happy my four year old has a learning activity that keeps her having fun while I can teach my other one.

Don't forget to stay up to date at ABCmouse.com's Facebook page.

Can't get enough?  ABCmouse.com also released The Letter Songs A to Z, an album with 26 original tracks featuring each letter of the alphabet.  The album was created to help the little ones remember the names and sounds of each letter of the alphabet as well as to develop vocabulary. Each song includes sound words and rhymes that start with the respective letters, and is produced and arranged in a different musical style – ranging from folk to hip hop – to introduce children to a wide variety of musical genres. Please visit ABCmouse.com/LetterSongs for more information.

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary subscription for ABCmouse.com for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are of my own.

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