Embracing a Healthy Family: Back to School with Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes with Bill Nye and Dr. William Sears

Back to School with Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes with Bill Nye and Dr. William Sears

 Back to school means messes and germs.  I don't know if you are like me but I'm particular about sanitizing and cleanliness when it comes to my children.  I don't like to be unprepared and love the idea of having Wet Ones wherever I go.  This year, I'm home schooling but having the protection to send to schools are important.  Last year, I sent in supplies to ensure the kids were able to clean up with ease.  My youngest has a chronic medical condition and a simple cold can mean serious business for her so I cringed daily when my middle one would come home from school.  I'm not alone as a survey conducted by Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes showed about half (49%) are also worried about their children becoming sick and about one third (32%) are worried about their children being exposed to germs.

Washing your hands is an easy task for us moms because we're the care takers and know how horrible it is to be sick but kids don't remember.  I'm always harping with the same questions of, 'did you wash your hands?'  Their idea of washing their hands, when they remember is the two second cold flash rule which doesn't cut it!  Wet Ones Antibacterial has teamed up with the infamous science guy himself, Bill Nye to teach families about germs but in a fun, non-nagging way.  Want to convince your kids?  Check out the germ experiment here.  It's a neat experience that is fun to show your children how germs grow and are spread.  Since I'm home schooling, this was also a great time to introduce a science oriented lesson.  it hit home with them and they are at least currently convinced to how important it is to wash their hands.

I always keep a container of anti-bacterial wipes available in the car for those times when I can't wash my hands or their hands.  It's an effective way in eliminating most germs while giving me a little more piece of mind.  One of my most read pediatricians is Dr. William Sears and with his knowledge, he has provided parents with some tips to help keep kids healthy.

  • Begin each day with a brainy breakfast - studies have shown that kids that eat a "brainy" breakfast receive higher grades, participate more in class and are less likely to be diagnosed with ADD or learning disabilities.  A brainy breakfast consists of protein, fiber-filled carbs, omega-3 fats and minerals.
  • Keep those hands clean!  This is really the first defense in staying healthier.  I notice a big change when I preach "wash your hands" to my children.
  • Eat healthy by choosing immune-boosting foods such as apples, blueberries, broccolli, carrots, salmon, nuts and more.
  • Avoid eating too many sweets because too much sugar can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs.
  • Keep noses and sinuses clean!  I cannot preach this one enough.  My eight year old was constantly sick the first two years of school and I didn't realize it was because she never cleaned her nose so it remained stagnant harboring all those germs.  When noses are stuffed up, try steam to release.
  • Activity is paramount to anyone's health.  Movement mobilizes the immune system thus keeping us healthier. 

For more tips, check them out at www.wetones.com.  

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are available in two fragrances and come in 40 count canisters, 15 count travel pack and 24 count box of individually wrapped single wraps.  Very convenient for all situations life may hold.  This is one product that I won't compromise on and love my Wet Ones for any time of the year.

* Disclosure:  Product and information provided by sponsor thanks to my participation with Blog Friendly PR.  My opinions are my own.

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