Embracing a Healthy Family: A Must Have: Braun Satin Hairbrush with Active Ion Technology

A Must Have: Braun Satin Hairbrush with Active Ion Technology

I'm a gadget geek and first and foremost, I long for anything that may make me feel better or look better.  I have curly-wavy hair so getting straight smooth hair is like mission impossible especially when you throw in that I color it too.  My hair is damaged but I can still manage to straighten it without too much effort.  After the first straightening, it still has a somewhat frizzy appearance which settled down after a few hours but I don't always have a few hours to wait.  I was skeptical upon receiving a complimentary Braun Satin Hairbrush with active ion technology as part of my participation as a Yahoo Shine Beauty Guru.

The hair brush arrived with two batteries that had to be put inside the brush.  It was so easy, my eight year old was busy telling me how to do it.  I think my two younger ones were more excited than I was as they grabbed it from me and went to town trying to get that princess look.  It's been three days now and these girls, who never pick up a hair brush, have brushed their hair at night and in the morning each day and I love it!  They think the hair brush is really neat and they enjoy brushing their hair now.

Here is my eight year old's before and after shot:

Granted her hair wasn't fully brushed in the before shot, you get the picture at how smooth and silky it looks afterwards.  They have so much fun brushing each other's hair and their own.

For me, I also am a new fan!  Just a quick click of a switch and the ion technology turns on.  It also has a lock in case you travel so the on/off switch doesn't accidentally turn on.  You can hear it working as you brush your hair because it makes a subtle sound.  The brush lights up so you know it's on and in no time, your hair looks remarkable better.  Here is my before and after shot post drying it straight down with a hair dryer and regular brush:

You can definitely see the improvement in the after shot.  Normally, I would have to use a hot iron to finish smoothing my hair but with just a few brushes from the Braun Satin Hair Action Ion Brush, it looks amazingly better.  The extra bonus is it took less the time then if I had used a hot iron along coupled with less damage to my hair.  Did I say I'm a fan?

How It Works:

Active ion jetThe ion jet releases millions of active ions that creates a halo around your hair.  These active ions are similar to a conditioner and it works instantly to tame the frizz and fly aways as you can see in my picture.  You can learn more about Active Ion jet here.
Seamless bristle technology

To prevent damage to your hair, the seamless bristle has technology that provides a super smooth surface for gentle brushing.
Removable cushion padThe cushion pad is removable and is dual purpose.  The extra soft cushion is designed for those of us with sensitive scalps so it's gentle brushing without snagging your hair.  The pad can be removed and cleaned.

To learn more, check out the Braun Satin Hairbrush with Active Ion Technology here.

Overall, it's easy to use, it works, my kids love it and I'm a huge fan!

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Cynthia said...

That is awesome...I need one!

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