Embracing a Healthy Family: Tiny Prints Christmas Cards: It's Not Too Early to Plan

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards: It's Not Too Early to Plan

Birth Announcements, Graduation Announcements, Fathers Day Cards, Baby Shower Invitations, & More from Tiny PrintsChristmas cards is about as about as big as planning for my birthday invitations for my children.  I spend a lot of time making sure they are perfect.  It's a planning process for me starting with picking the right dresses which I start thinking about in September with making the step to purchase in October.  I start this early because the selection is optimal and I have plenty of time in getting everything ready without having to pay expedited shipping as I do like to cut corners on costs.  Once I pick the dresses, then I start planning where I'll take the picture as I take my own photos.  Once I take the photos and create the masterpiece, it's off to choosing the right card.  This is the hard part especially when looking through the Tiny Prints site because there are so many beautiful, fun cards to choose from.

The dresses I choose also impact the type of card I choose.  I like to find traditional dresses that look timely and can be passed on to each generation and the cards I choose, I want to be equally as timeless.  I also like the look of black and white photos and think the overall package is beautiful.  One of the things I do to jazz up or personalize my photo cards is to add a strategic diamond type sticker someplace on the card to just give my own oomph.  This is the card that I'm choosing this year:

Christmas Cards Sloping Snowfall - Front : Black 
Christmas Cards Sloping Snowfall - Front : Black Christmas Cards Sloping Snowfall - Front : Black

There really are so many great cards to choose from whether you want full color, multiple photos, fold out cards, single sided cards, color of cards and so much more.  The sooner you start planning your Christmas card selections, the more money you will save with not having to pay expedited shipping and the more confidence you will have that you made the right choice.

*Disclosure:  I wrote this post to participate in an opportunity to receive 50 free greeting cards.  The opinions are of my own and I am an actual Tiny Prints customer.

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