Embracing a Healthy Family: VueZone: Personal Video Network

VueZone: Personal Video Network

Our society is so busy with making a living and with that, most of us have to work and we have kids.  Having children alone makes it hard to work in peace not knowing what they are up to or what they might need in your absence.  I just listened to a webinar on the new VueZone which is instant monitoring using your iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry.  Isn't that nice?

The VueZone is a quick and easy to set up.  It's mobile, sleek and small so it's not unsightly.  There are no wires, no technicians needed to install and you can move it around.  You can record as well which of course is nice for when you can't see real time.  There are three plans (see below) with the basic plan being free so you can't beat that.  The other plans are affordable and worth the extra features you get.

I can see so many benefits in having this from monitoring your children, for safety of your home and to use for your business.  Since they are portable, you can just pick them up and move them around.  I think that's a huge plus.  I think this is instrumental for any parent who cannot be home with their children.  The only thing to note, it doesn't have night vision so you do have to have some level of lighting.  All in all, I think the product sounds interesting enough to try!

To learn more, check here and you can check out a video here.

You can also stay current with the VueZone blog here.

VueZone Service Plans

Included Free with every system 

Live remote viewing
for users on the go. Includes basic alert
and sharing features


(or $49.95/yr) 

Remote viewing and monitoring for active users. Access the full potential of VueZone.


(or $99.95/yr) 

Perfect for small businesses or users with heavy demands & multiple locations.
*Available Late 2011


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