Embracing a Healthy Family: iPhone, iPod Touch & Smartphone Must Have: The Zhip w/ Special Discount Code 11/20

iPhone, iPod Touch & Smartphone Must Have: The Zhip w/ Special Discount Code 11/20

Zhip Smartphone & iPod Holder
Just about everyone seems to have an iPhone, an iPod or a smart phone and many use these devices on trips, at home and work.  These devices are great for information, fun things to do, music and more but sometimes, it's not always suitable for on the go ease or even for reference purposes such as following a recipe or reading how to unclog a blocked drain.  I use the net for so much and if I don't print, I'm constantly walking back and forth to get the instructions or if I use my iPod Touch, I have to keep picking it up to continue.  I was introduced to this little ingenious device called the Zhip (pronounced zip).  

As the information states, it's perfect for the airplane, gym, car, office and more.  It's a small device that expands to fit any mobile device, has scratch-free padding, 100% bullet-proof polycarbonate so it won't break if dropped and expandable desktop stand.  The 3' retractable "no drop" zip cord allows you to slip it over things like the back of a car seat head rest to let your little ones watch a show on that long trip.  It's so versatile and easy to use.  I'm always amazed when I see such simple inventions and marvel at how easy the concept is as well as the practicality of the device itself.

I tried it out with my iPod Touch and it worked great with the stand when I was following a recipe and will use it next weekend in my car on a very long trip.  My girls will really love having it to watch in front of them versus having to hold it.  It held the iPod snug and it didn't drop.  The cord is sturdy and the decision is really nice.

The other part that is nice about the Zhip, it's inexpensive at only $14.95 MSRP and is available through a variety of retailers.  Get the ZHIP Stand with 3 Feet of Retractable Zip Cord for iPhone, iPod and All Other Smartphones at Amazon and at www.theZhip.com - and also online at BestBuy.com and Newegg.com. It also has a 100% money back guarantee.

You can see the Zhip in action by watching a quick two minute video at www.TheZhip.com to see how people are finding tons of cool new uses for their smartphone.

For readers of Health, Beauty, Children and Family, you can now get the Zhip for only $9.95 by using code zhipmom at www.thezhip.com.  The code expires November 20, 2011.

Enter the discount code in the "Gift Certificate" box on the third page of the "Shopping Cart" and you will need to hit the "ADD" button to activate the discount.

For more information and to stay up to date, check out the Zhip here:

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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my post.  The opinions are of my own.

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