Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation Week Two

Mamavation Week Two

I'm late in my post but better late than never, right?  Sort of like jumping on the wagon to a healthier lifestyle as late is better than never.  I always justify why I fail but I also learned how to get back up and try, try again.  I'm good at trying and I know one of these days, it will click and it will be maintaining as it will be easy to stay healthy.  I was there once upon a time and I plan to get back. I'm grateful to the internet for opening my eyes to so many bad things out there.  Granted, I use not so good diets to get into shape and maybe I'll wake up and see that a healthier way is better even if it's slow.

Slow ... that's my problem.  I want it NOW!  I can start strong and then I can stop strong too.  It's nothing to want to tear into that bag of Keebler cookies or the Hershey bars.  I have learned I just need to not buy them since I lack self control.  I'm finding that since the new season of The Biggest Loser started, I have my motivation back.  I tape it as I hate the commercials, unless it's them showing Bob, but I can't stand the weigh in's when they go to the commercial.  So, I tape and watch it the next day when I can get on my recumbent bike and kick some butt.  I like the new trainers and I didn't think I would but Anna reminds me of me always the sappy, teary eyed one.  She has compassion but can push them as needed.  I'm enjoying watching Dolvette too.  He is tough and not bad on the eyes so he's also motivational.  My favorite now that Jillian is gone is Bob.

My other motivation is just self-satisfaction as I want to be happy inside and out.  Getting there knowing I feel and look better coupled with I'll be around longer for my children and grandchild is worth the desire to not eat that cookie or bag of cookies (smirk).

I still kept off the bulk of what I lost but picked up six pounds since I wrote last and knocked off two since yesterday between counting calories and exercising.  I'm trying LiveStrong.com to count and mark my calories and I have five other family members wanting to lose weight for a big family reunion next July and I'm leading the group so if that's not motivation enough, I don't know what it is.

Still......those cookies are calling my name .....

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Amanda -@ihavetohaveyou said...

I lack the self control somedays as well, so I've learned to keep myself away from the things that tempt me. It was tough as first, but I'm slowly gaining control of it all.
The things that motivate you sound wonderful - good luck, I hope you're able to achieve all that you want to, including the ability to avoid those cookies :)

Amanda -@ihavetohaveyou said...

I lack the self control somedays as well. It's tough, but I'm learning to manage.
What motivates you sounds wonderful. I hope you're able to achieve all that you're working towards, (avoiding those cookies included!)

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