Embracing a Healthy Family: Mindbloom: Interactive Life Improvement Service Review & 5 Winner Giveaway 10/22

Mindbloom: Interactive Life Improvement Service Review & 5 Winner Giveaway 10/22


If you are a regular to my blog, you know that I've been trying to make the baby steps to get healthier for about a year or so.  I'm part of a women's group called Mamavation to keep the motivation going and still always like to find something that will inspire me.  Now, I have found or it has found me in the form of an online interactive service called Mindbloom.  I was able to try a complimentary test run of it.  It's really a nice feature to help a person gain in many areas by using behavioral science, personalized media and fun social gaming.  It's simple to use and really gets you thinking.  It's like the Farmville of health where you actually are doing good things to feel better in many areas.

Some Quick Details:

  • Discover and add inspiration
  • Connect socially (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Add friends 
  • Send snail mail
  • Market place to buy features
  • Works on iPhone and Android phones 
  • Free to use but an optional upgrade is available

You choose different areas you want to work on such as your lifestyle, career, creativity, spirituality, health, relationships and finances.  You decide what is important and grow your tree.  When you accomplish your tasks, you get to water your tree and watch it grow.  It really is full of endless possibilities of what you can do and one of the biggest features that appeals to me is you can set your tasks to the timing you want so you won't forget them such as drink more water, exercise, read something career related, take a course and so forth.  It's a great goal setting tool to manage so many aspects of your life.

I'm still learning about Mindbloom but so far, I'm sold.  I love the constant reminders to complete my tasks along with all the great recommendations to help me meet my goals and to introduce some goals I didn't know I wanted!  The online features are superb in that if you need to learn something, you can click and it takes you to a site that has more information.  So far, it seems endless!

I will be posting a later update as to what else I've learned as well as what it has helped me to accomplish.

Check it out here at Mindbloom.

The Giveaway:

Five readers will win a lifetime membership which is a $34 value until November 1st and then it will be $89 so jump on board now, what do you have to lose?  It's fun and motivating!

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