Embracing a Healthy Family: No Greater a Miracle than a Child

No Greater a Miracle than a Child

I'm reminded daily on what a miracle children are.  They have the ability to turn a frown into a smile.  The innate ability to be there for you when you are sad or upset.  They seem to read an adult like no other at times.  I'm always marveling at how my children can bring an instant smile to my face no matter what.  Children are something to be cherished, to be loved and most of all, to be held in a light of nothing less than nurturing love and respect.

I've learned a lot from raising my children and was truly blessed in having to get to repeat the journey of motherhood.  I have a 23 year old and then I have one as young as four.  I also have a grandchild and can say that while some might cringe at the thought of starting over, I'm more than thrilled to have almost my entire adulthood (before old age) spent raising children.  Granted they can at times add to the stress with what seems like endless bickering or fits, it's small enough to be overshadowed by the beauty of a smile, a laugh, a hug, a kiss or a silly face.

To hear, 'you are the best mom ever' is magical.  Nothing compares to a love of a child and during the darkest moments, it's immeasurable.

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