Embracing a Healthy Family: Shiva Rea More Daily Energy Yoga Review

Shiva Rea More Daily Energy Yoga Review

Shiva Rea Yoga: More Daily Energy
I've tried yoga and marvel at how they can move like a toddler with flexibility.  I tried and struggled with the complicated moves and of course I know that once you keep at it, you'll learn them but I would always give up.  I received a complimentary DVD of Shiva Rea More Daily Energy and love it!  It's a set of seven 20-minute practices that allows you to create your own plan or choose what they have already planned.  It's set up for many different skill levels which makes it ideal for the novice like myself.  Each are broken into sequences:

  • Three beginner (lunar)
  • Four intermediate (solar)

The customized Yoga Matrix is what I like so I can keep up at a pace I want and then expand as I want.  It's flexible, easy to use and she is just motivational.  I enjoyed listening her to her speak and instruct and absolutely love it.  I have been telling others to check it out especially for those that are resistant to yoga.  It left me with more energy and more motivated.  You can select up to two hours of customizable sequences.

As stated in a news release, doing yoga daily, even for 20 minutes, can help you achieve power and serenity, strength and composure.  I found it was calming after a hectic day or a good jump start to the beginning of the day.  
If you know a bit more about yoga, I feel it's the DVD for you too.  It includes 20-minute Practices: Foundation Sahaja, Foundation Heart Flow, Foundation Standing, Prayer Wheel, Evolution Flow, Evolution Heart Flow, and Evolution Standing Balance

About Shiva Rea:

Hailed by Vanity Fair as “one of the world’s greatest yoga masters,” yoga visionary Shiva Rea is the creator of several top-selling workouts, including her innovative Creative Core series, Fluid Power—Vinyasa Flow YogaFlow Yoga for Beginners, Surf Yoga Soul, YoginiPower Flow Yoga, and AM Energy. Shiva has taught yoga to a diverse range of creative movers and shakers from actors Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Pierce Brosnan, and John Cusack, to cutting-edge artists Bjork, Michael Franti, and members of the Kennedy family

Overall, I can not say enough about this DVD and is a definite must have!  Check out a clip here.

Shiva Rea's More Daily Energy will be available November 15!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this product.  The opinions are of my own.

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