Embracing a Healthy Family: Smallville Season 10 (SP)

Smallville Season 10 (SP)

Are you a Clark Kent or Superman fan?  I suppose they are two of the same but some might like the nerdy side of Superman a bit more than Clark but either way, you have to love the storylines from Smallville.  Nearly everyone, if not all, have seen some variation of Superman and grew up watching some aspect of it.  It's like America and apple pie.  Smallville rekindles our love for the hero we all want to save us.  From his love to Lois to his vulnerabilities, each episode is full of intrigue, danger and more.  Season 10 had many story lines and many turns but I'd say one of my favorites was Homecoming.

Homecoming was special because it gave Clark a sort of early Christmas time experience of seeing life in the past, present and the future.  Although that wasn't why it was my favorite part it was because Clark was finally admitting he loves Lois and went back to make amends to where he failed.

What makes the series great is the introduction to the old villains, new villains and a different approach into the dynamics of Clark and Lois.  Watching how Clark evolved from first starting to work at the Daily Planet during Season 8 to accepting his role in society to the introduction of the new villain Zod in Season 9.

What were your favorite moments from Season 10 of Smallville?

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