Embracing a Healthy Family: Torani's Authentic Coffeehouse Flavor Review & Save 10% Discount Code

Torani's Authentic Coffeehouse Flavor Review & Save 10% Discount Code

Although not just for the holidays, anytime is a good time to check out and try new things.  I enjoy receiving new products which is why I blog and I also want to share great products with my readers.  When I received the opportunity to try Torani, I definitely wanted to participate as I've never heard of it.  Torani is a syrup offered in over 80 flavors that can be added to make some sensational beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  The Torani website has so many delicious recipe ideas that is perfect for a long day relaxer to a weekend fun drink to hosting a party.
For this review, I sampled the Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup and the Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup.  What I liked the most about each of the syrups is they had 0 fat, carbs and calories.  This is great for those of us watching our carb content.  They were amazing in aroma and immediately made my mouth water thinking of vanilla ice cream and pumpkin pie.  I was doubtful in how rich they would taste but as soon as I received them, I opened them and dipped my finger in to taste each one and I was hooked!  I actually tried them both in natural, fat-free yogurt and the flavors came alive!  My mind immediately thought of the things I could create along with decadent lattes and coffees.

I tried making pumpkin bread and added the Pumpkin Pie syrup in with my crumbly top to see how that tasted and it was wonderful.  Rich in flavor and smell.  This is a great way to jazz up any of your drinks, to try new drinks like Italian Soda or even in a cooking recipe.  The flavors are of the same you get in the expensive coffee houses but at a fraction of the cost and at your own convenience.  They are delicious and a must have!

To find Torani in your location, click on Torani or shop online at Torani online.  If you use code shespeaks, you will save 10%!

Mark your calenders for a Twitter Party on November 17th, 9pm ET!

*Disclosure:  I received complimentary product as part of my participation with SheSpeaks from Torani.  The opinions are of my own.

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