Embracing a Healthy Family: Why I Steer Clear of Sample Sites

Why I Steer Clear of Sample Sites

I make a big deal out of the holidays especially for the picture aspect of the memories.  I like to make sure they are all dressed nice and in a way that the memories can be passed down to their children in the form of their outfits.  I have three girls and a grand daughter that I try to dress alike.  Of course, my oldest who is 23, is out of that mode so I have two girls and a grandchild that I try to dress alike for the pictures.  I have tried the top sample sites with no luck.  On more than one occasion, I have ordered and either weeks after I order, I receive an e-mail stating my order was cancelled due to not being able to have my order fulfilled.  On other occasions, they will send one dress and cancel the other size without offering me the chance to cancel the order.

Now, you might wonder why I allow myself to be burned repeatedly.  The answer is simple, it's a great deal or at least that is what I thought each time I order.  I also try to give the benefit of the doubt and hope they will deliver.  Repeatedly, I'm disappointed.  On my most recent order from Totsy, I receive the $75 coat for my four year old except it was not the coat I ordered.  It was an ugly black and fushia coat versus the beautiful black and white trimmed coat I had ordered.  I had to contact Totsy over five times to get resolution as I did not want this coat and four e-mails promised me a refund.  It was the fifth or sixth time where they actually returned my money.  On the time prior to that, I ordered from another sample site that is notorious of cancelling my orders and providing partial shipments with a cancelled portion.  It's very disappointing when you have expectations for an occasion or a picture.

For this, I returned to my old reliable which is an online clothing store for children.  Adorable Baby Clothing carries clothing for children and has an amazing selection of formal wear.  I will admit they are priced a bit higher but I can tell you that purchase after purchase, they far exceed the quality I have received elsewhere.  They are usually, if not all, made in the USA and they have layers of material making each dress an heirloom.  I have not received a dress to date that I have not been happy with.  I have bought many, many dresses over the years and love each one.  One of the other biggest factors that brings me back is how I can choose all the sizes I need on one page.  It's a pain looking for three sizes in the same dress but Adorable Baby Clothing makes it very easy.

The final factor that kept me going back is the customer service.  Adorable Baby Clothing is owned by a single mother who delivers top notch quality.  If something isn't right, she takes it personal and makes it right.  You don't get this from the big businesses and if I can help a woman owned business, I'm all for it.  My pictures in this post are some of the dresses I have purchased over the years.  I'm getting ready to take Christmas pictures this year in purple dresses in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month this November.

I'm not being paid or compensated for this post rather I was thinking of all the great offers on sample sites and how disappointed I have been in the past and how I always turn to Adorable Baby Clothing because I get consistency, high quality, amazing service.

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Aileen said...

I'm with you on this one. I originally signed up for a bunch of sites, but I don't think they really have anything that nice. Hard to get sizes too. I've unsubscribed from all except Groupon at this point.

Judy Joyce said...

I've had luck with some and others not. Gilt was really good when I ordered chocolate a year or two ago and it was all melted. They promptly refunded my money. The Foundary is also nice. For dresses, I'm sticking with Adorable Baby Clothing!

Made By Tammy said...

So true about Big Businesses! Great post. Adorable Baby Clothing store is so Fantastic!

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