Embracing a Healthy Family: Few Hours to Win Camcorder, iTunes & More Prize Pack

Few Hours to Win Camcorder, iTunes & More Prize Pack


Are you ready for the holiday season?  From family get togethers to office parties to neighbors and friends getting together for the yule tide celebrations, there will be a lot of eating and drinking.  This is where Pepto-Bismol comes in to play.  Turducken and shrimp and chocolate, oh my!  With more than 46 million holiday parties planned this season, discomfort related to overindulgence of food and drink can become the unwanted gift that just keeps on giving.  Pepto-Bismol is teaming up with a holiday Elf to encourage people to enjoy their favorite holiday treats knowing that Pepto has them covered. 

I have been fortunate and not had to endure any over indulgence or stomach issues in some time but I do vividly remember Pepto-Bismol coming to the rescue.  Pepto-Bismol, in addition to national TV commercials, will have the Elf featured in a series of funny web videos being released throughout the holiday season.  The first of the web videos, can be seen here: http://bit.ly/ytpb.   

As you will see, the straight talking Elf is not shy about sharing his wisdom on all your favorite holiday indulgences!  


As part of the celebrations, Pepto-Bismol is going to give one of my readers this really nice Pepto Party Pack that I have to admit, I'm slightly jealous ...okay, I'm very jealous!  It's a great party pack and I cannot wait to be able to award this to one of you!  Here is what you will get to not only help you through the holidays but all year round.

Preparing for the Celebration: Crate and Barrel Tripoli Server (value $49.95)
·        Enjoying the Celebration: iPod shuffle with iTunes gift card (value $75.00)
Recording the Celebration: Toshibo Pocket camcorder (value $119.99)
Saving the Celebration (if needed!): Pepto-Bismol*use as directed

Click here to enter!

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