Embracing a Healthy Family: Funbites: Bite-Sized Mealtime Magic Review

Funbites: Bite-Sized Mealtime Magic Review

Buy Any Two!Picky eaters?  I have them and it's so hard to get my youngest to eat.  I tried the Sneaky Chef, tricking, leading by example and nothing works or at least is sustainable for the long term.  So my journey included buying endless amounts of Pediasure to at least make up for her poor eating habits along with a daily vitamin.  Something has worked as my two younger ones haven't been sick in a very long time (knock on wood or at least particle board).  When I heard about Funbites, I wanted to see if that would do the trick.  Tiny little bite sized pieces of fun was what I thought.  I agreed to review as it looked fun and appealing to my children.  

I received two fun shaped what I call molds in the mail.  As you can see, they make different shapes out of whatever you want to try them out with.  For this review, I made a grilled cheese sandwich as that's one of my girl's favorites.  As you can also see, I went all out with the fine china (smirk).  Hey, I'm a busy mom or am I just lazy?  Either way, look at how cute it turned out?  All those itty bitty bite sized parts was perfect for the grab and go child.  My grandbaby is here for a visit and I didn't purchase a high chair for her so she literally grabs and goes but she loved these perfect sized bits of food.  My four year old never sits still so this was ideal for her.  What surprised me more was my eight year old woofed them down. 
Another great aspect of these Funbites is the children will absolutely have fun making them.  I did have to provide the extra pressure to ensure they cut through the food but once they did, they loved the outcome.  What was also nice is for our sandwich we made, we were able to go back and add a few more bites minimizing the waste.  You can use these on anything that can take a cut such as hamburgers, pancakes, pizza, fruit and more.  It's really a great way to get the children involved in preparing food and loving food!   You can check out a how it works video here.
They would make a great stocking stuffer too!

A portion of proceeds from Funbites goes to Make-a-Wish so you can't go wrong with supporting such a wonderful cause.

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  • Works great on grilled cheese, pancakes, banana bread, brownies and more!
  • 3 easy steps. Step 1: Place on food. Step 2: Rock firmly back & forth. Step 3: Pop out bite-sized pieces!
  • Strong quality kitchen tool made in the USA.

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*Disclosure:  I received free sample of product from the sponsor.  The opinions are of my own.

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