Embracing a Healthy Family: Memories of the Past & Self-Love

Memories of the Past & Self-Love

Do you ever sit back and wonder about decisions you made while younger?  Do you often wonder "what if?"  I suppose it's probably human nature to always wonder if the decisions you made were the right ones or not.  I figured out that many of my decisions were based on my self-worth.  I always doubted myself and didn't give myself enough credit.

It's amazing what self-worth can do to a person and how much you lose out over your own self-image.  I know I shy away from photos because I'm not happy with how I look and it's really silly because I am me and that won't change.  I'm always hiding behind my children or my grandchild til this day. Why deprive my children of memories of myself once I'm long gone?

I think so much is due to society and the prevalence there is on a perfect person.  Every where we look, there are exploited images of women looking wonderful but in most cases, looking hungry in my opinion.  I think at the end of the day, you have to find the path to agreeing you love you for who you are.  My girls have started doing the roll call lists of who they love and I was surprised to hear them include, "I love me" in their lists.  I couldn't be more happier to hear them say that.  I'm still working on that and realized how long I have not loved me.  That simple feeling has prevented me from making the right decisions.  A long time ago, I nixed the offers from someone because I felt I was not worthy.  Funny how that turns out because I had no idea how that person really felt until a later date.  All this due to how I perceived myself.

Interesting that something that should be void is so prevalent among every facet of life.  I just hope that I'm pressing upon my children self-worth and self-love.

How do you promote self-love with your children?

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Anonymous said...

I do not have the best image of myself and wondering if I ever did anything right but when I look at my beautiful young men that my dear hubby of 25 yrs have raised I realize how very blessed I am.
I was talking to my nephew one day about his little son and he had mentioned how he sees himself in him and I said don't you always think please don't let them make the same bad choices I made and he said to me "I have stopped regretting my past instead I realize without all the good and the bad choses I would not have my wonderful wife or my son that if one thing had changed that maybe this would never had happened" I was so impressed with his wisdom and such a young age. I took a lot from that and now just look forward.
You are beautiful and so is your family remember that! :)
(Stephanie Phelps)

Judy Joyce said...

You are very right, Stephanie! I agree about needing to move forward and having no regrets of the past. I think that is a work in progress at times to do that but I do try to take the lessons and cherish what I have from those decisions which are three beautiful girls and one beautiful grand daughter. Thank you so much!

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