Embracing a Healthy Family: Renovating Idea with Vessel Sinks

Renovating Idea with Vessel Sinks

Goldfish Swimming Glass SinkMy sister has been renovating a home they bought and are working on the bathroom.  I renovated a bathroom awhile ago but it was only for the faucet and handle components.  I was trying to find some unique designs for her and found these vessel sinks that would be perfect!  I'm always drawn to fashion and functionality or in the case of a vessel sink, unique and functional.  A house's decor shows a lot about the owner's style and attention to detail.  Whereas some prefer standard equipment, I opt for something that gives a wow effect.  From the sink to the faucets, we have so much more variety today.

Vessel sink faucets are unique in that they are available in bamboo, classic, modern and vintage.  There is something for everyone.  I personally like the brushed nickel appearances for the sake of repelling water spots and the ease of cleaning.  Another style I like are waterfall type faucets.  I was traveling years ago and experienced one of those faucets and fell in love with it!  I look forward to the day when I can renovate or even build my own custom home.

Click here to visit bathroomvesselsinks.com.

Have you renovated a bathroom before?  How did it go?

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