Embracing a Healthy Family: Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars™ The Old Republic™ Pre-Order for Early Game Access* Game Release: 12.20.11. Game Critics Award Winner. Winner of over 90 industry awards and accolades including 2010 Games Critics Award for Best PC Game!

Calling all gamers!  Who is already signed up to play the new Star Wars' The Old Republic?  It's the biggest thing getting ready to hit the gameosphere and was curious if any of my readers will be playing?  Since Sony shut down Star Wars Galaxies at the end of this year, The Old Republic offers some big time fun for those that love Star Wars and MMOs.  My daughter, the oldest, has signed up for her account and tried to play the beta version unsuccessfully so she's going to try again once she returns to Georgia this weekend.

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Suzanne said...

I'm in need of a new game. Thanks for the suggestion.

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