Embracing a Healthy Family: Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy Review & Giveaway 1/14

Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy Review & Giveaway 1/14

I received a complimentary copy of the book The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge co-written by one of my all time favorite coaches, Tony Dungy.  It was also written by Nathan Whitaker.  The jest of the book is a daily challenge to be read no matter when you start to read the book.  Tony has been part of a Bible study for the last fourteen years along with another group of coaches.  They read The One Year Bible and no matter where they were, they were only a quick e-mail, voice mail or phone call away.

The way the book reads, you focus on seven themes that repeat each week:
  1. Core
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Potential
  5. Mission
  6. Influence
  7. Faith
Each devotional includes a scripture and an uncommon key which is an action to implement based on what you just read.  It's really a good way to start each day or even end each day pending the time you have to devote.  They also preach to not to worry if you miss a day as you just pick up where you left off.

Here is a video from Tony:

I just started reading The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge and love it already.  I'm grateful to Tyndale House Publishers for the chance to review this book.  I jumped to December 25th to start my Uncommon Challenge as I didn't receive the book until December 24th.  The devotional was spot on and stated that kids watch us and mimic our actions more than our words often times so the way I interpreted it was, ensure your actions are just as Godly as your words in order to raise good, polite children.  I can't wait to read each devotional and learn and improve myself.

 Tony Dungy was the very successful coach of my favorite team the Indianapolis Colts.  His brother is married to a former colleague of mine and she expressed what a wonderful person he is in person as he appears on television.  I've always heard that he never yelled at his players and always commanded the utmost respect from all.  I've never heard an ill word mentioned about him nor from his words.  When offered the opportunity, I jumped.

Now you can win a copy too!   Just complete the Rafflecopter form below.

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sounds like a great book

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This sounds like an interesting and easy way to incorporate devotion into daily life :) I'll look this up.

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I'm a gfc follower-erma2167.

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