Embracing a Healthy Family: JumpStart and MathBlasters 3 Month Giveaway 1/20

JumpStart and MathBlasters 3 Month Giveaway 1/20

If your children love computer games, then they are like mine and will love JumpStart and MathBlasters!  JumpStart is this online community of games that teach while your kids don't even realize it because they are having fun.  Both my children, ages 4 and 8, love both JumpStart and MathBlasters.  My eight year old had difficulties with the learning how to move around a year ago but quickly learned and has a blasts.  Being the four year old is ambitious and headstrong, she keeps up with her older sister with no problem.  Their website even boasts over 30 million parents who trusts JumpStart.

The way it works for JumpStart, your child creates their own character and can have a make over later.  After they create their own character, they start their own adventure.  Mine love how JumpStart changes the environment for the season or holiday.  They particularly had a blast with the Christmas items available and the scenes.  JumpStart has been around for over 20 years in providing safe, age-appropriate games that provide parents the ability to place controls for added security.  An extra bonus is Piggyback which is an easy to use Facebook application that allows parents to review their child's progress and provide rewards for free.

You can add up to six children per membership which is very nice for those of us with multiple children.  There are even other games you can buy along with different apps.  The recommended ages are 3 to 10 and includes interactive adventures and award winning learning games.  MathBlasters takes it a level further with focusing on math adventures.  I think they prefer JumpStart more but they enjoy taking turns and playing with both.  You can read more about the area for Parents here.


Girls Playing

I cannot say enough about the two games as they do love it and they are learning without the pain of making them learn!  I love JumpStart and MathBlasters!

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One reader will win a three month membership to JumpStart and MathBlasters.

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