Embracing a Healthy Family: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Review

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Review

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If you are a regular to my blog, you know that I prefer natural products and things that are healthier.  I don't always choose the best choice but when it comes to something that I'm putting on my skin daily, I definitely want something that is not going to be harmful.  I used to use one of the leading brands until I started reading about the potential toxicity of the ingredients that made them effective.  Once my now eight year old, yes, she's only eight, needed deodorant, I didn't want her putting anything harmful on her skin.  This is where Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal comes on the scene.  

Not only is it 100% pure and natural, it's made in the US AND is a woman-owned and family-operated natural products company.  I cannot ask for anything more other than having Johnny Depp delivering it to me!  They don't just stop with deodorant as they also have a full line of personal hygiene products that includes spray mists and roll-ons that provide 24 hours of hypoallergenic protection against body and foot odor.  My younger daughter, not quite ready for deodorant yet, is allergic and sensitive to products.  Knowing that all their products are paraben free, propylene glycol free and contains no aluminum makes it ideal for my entire family.

In case you are wondering how regular deodorants work, they are processed into smaller molecules which allows easier absorption into the blood stream.  Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is not processed and the molecules are larger to prevent absorption.   If you want to learn more about aluminum and mineral salts and alum, just click on the link.

I was able to review the following three products:  Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal - Spray Mist and Moiststic Natural Lip Protection.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-on Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist MoistStic Natural Lip Protection
Each product performed as expected and I was able to use even when running.  I did notice that if I ran late in the day, I needed another application of deodorant but that is what I expect with all deodorants.  The smell is pleasant and was not overwhelming.  Out in the dry winter, my lips took a beating so the timing of the Natural Lip Protection couldn't be better.  It went on easy, stayed on and was not filled with obnoxious aromas or a waxy film.  All products performed up to my standards and I definitely recommend each of them.  For me, the fact that they are natural is top notch!

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*Disclosure:  I received complimentary products but the opinions are of my own.

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