Embracing a Healthy Family: Phix: Energized the Natural Way

Phix: Energized the Natural Way

Getting energy at times can be a difficult thing especially when wanting to get it a better way versus popping some energy pills or consuming energy drinks made from who knows what.  I was introduced to a new natural energy alternative called Phix Energy.  Phix is an all natural, herbal energy drink powder blending green tea anti-oxidants, energy restoring NADH and yerba mate for enhanced vigor.  Phix also added some vitamins and minerals to help feel healthier.  Phix Energy was designed by a leading naturopathic physician and licensed dietiticians.  

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Yerba mate is considered safe by the FDA and is consumed widely in other countries as a drink.  The yerba mate provides Phix Energy with a small amount of caffeine and the green tea extracts and NADH also provide a mild stimulant quality.  This per Phix Energy, provides a mild pick up without the spikes and crashes that some caffeine or stimulant products can.  The anti-oxidant value has been proven in many clinical trials on the good effect it has on the body which is definitely a factor I like.  The other ingredients such as vitamin C and Eleuthero are also good for promoting healthy immune function.  Phix also contains chromium which helps to balance blood sugar levels.  You can read the ingredients and supplement facts here.

I received three complimentary samples of Energy and Sleep.  My sample flavors were:  Energy Tropic and Teaberry and Sleep Lemon.  I am a highly picky person when it comes to taste so I knew this would be a challenge as I don't like coffee or tea so that shows you my range in tastes!  I was surprised with Tropic as I did like that and I did like the Sleep Lemon flavor.  I did not like the Teaberry.  Each stick or stix, as they call it, is one serving.  There really is a lot in each stick so if you are using a water bottle such as Aquafina as I did, you will need to drink a little out of the bottle to give it room to shake.  It was a very light flavor that I had to have very cold.  I did notice improved energy that sustained me without the usual crash that I have experienced on energy drinks.  It was a nice energy in that it was so much easier to run my two miles after consuming it.  I also have problems sleeping and the Sleep Lemon was instrumental in putting me to sleep without waking up at around 3 am wide awake. 

I can't really explain the Teaberry flavor other than it was a weak flavor of something that I cannot pinpoint. However, keep in mind that I'm terribly picky and if anything has the slightest tea flavor, I am not a fan of it.  

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The nice part of Phix, other than it being natural and providing reported benefits, is you can try it for free!  You will receive six Stix of two of each flavor so you can determine which flavor is the best.  That's worth $12 and all you have to do is pay $4.99 for shipping and handling.  To me, that's a pretty good way to test something without committing to the price.  Just click here to be taken to the page to try out Phix Energy for free.

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