Embracing a Healthy Family: Shameless Season 2 - Sundays on Showtime

Shameless Season 2 - Sundays on Showtime

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Shameless is just what it sounds like it's about.  Shameless is starting up on Season 2 with all of Season 1 available on DVD/Blu-Ray.  Through Season 1, we saw the struggles that each of the Gallagher children endure the shameless antics of a father that is drunk all the time.  It must be hard being a child with the only remaining parent left being so pathetic but Macy plays such a great role in this entire make up of a dysfunctional family.  At the end of Season 1, Steve tried to convince the oldest, Fiona, to skip town and enjoy all the warmth and care-free environment that Costa Rica has to offer.

One can only imagine all the thoughts she had going through her mind with removing all the responsibilities she has being the parental role in that house.  Not only would that be a huge factor in her decision but she also has to struggle with what she would leave behind.  Although burdensome, she is the glue that keeps this family together.  I can't blame her at all.  It would be easy to take that route but at the end of the day when you know others are depending on you, it's a no brainer.  If Steve truly loved her, he would understand that it's not even an option for her.  Have you ever been in a love over family situation where it would appear that love would be the easy way out but family's love trumps?

If you are a fan or soon to be, check out a scene from Shameless here:

Shameless - 'We Have a Proposition' by thewbdotcom

Don't forget to tune in on Sundays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on Showtime to catch Season 2 of Shameless.

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*Disclosure:  I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Shameless Season One on DVD.

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